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Let's Talk

I'm a User Experience Designer at Amazon
I work on a set of big data tools to serve Amazon's needs at the Business Data Technologies team, leading North Star Vision and foundations for UX for all data owners and consumers.  

I've been in the design technology space in NYC for over fifteen years. I was self-employed with MartianCraft (2014-2021) and specialized in interfaces for Native  iOS and cross-platform Design Systems frameworks. 

I've spent six years on a suite of seventeen native iOS applications for Enterprise Fortune 200 Oil & Gas, est. total ROI $17M. Projects range from business intelligence dashboards for C-Suite, operational asset management software for engineers, and live data applications. Aside from ten years in enterprise designs, I've worked seven years in commercial products, earning press mentions from Adobe, TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, and Business Insider.  Year to date, I've shipped over 20 native iOS apps.

I'm a partner with Adobe to demonstrate mobile interaction design on Adobe Live Youtube Channel and mentor designers through various phases of their careers. My passion lies in the unknown, data science, video gaming, cats, and art.

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