I'm an Amazon Sr User Experience designer & researcher living in New York City. 


Over two decades of experience working in digital products, casting broad vision to deliver design at scale.


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Finance, Education, Government
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"Lots of Leadership debates in this project, send Cat" 
Amazon L7 Sr. Software Manager

"I drank your koolaid on JTBD thought leadership"
Amazon L8 Sr. Principal Engineer

Design Principles


Ownership-mindset, partner in the journey

As an owner and partner, I collaborate and contribute as a leader. I take accountability for things no one asks for, and no job is beneath me. I execute outcome-driven results and have the rigor for intentional craft.


Strategically focused, foundations and future

I invest strategically in areas that provide measurable long-term value, and increase universal accessibility.


Details make the Design

To understand, I dive deep and reduce what is not essential. I raise the bar on craft, and insist on a high standard of quality.


Earn trust with radical candor

I believe in honest, intentional design, earning trust by preventing defects from being sent down to someone else to fix.

Work Experience


Core Selling Partner Experiences & Business Data Technology

Senior User Experience Designer
2021 - May 2024. New York City

To scale and institute UX from the grounds up in 300 data engineering org. Design leader, trailblazing strategic initiatives from 0-1 for a 300+ tech-lead internal tools BDT (Business Data Technology). I enable experiences for Amazonians to broker 2.38+ exabytes of data for 2,123 Amazon retail teams (Stores, Devices, other). My strengths are broad, thinking big and insisting on the highest standards.

Design and Product Strategy: Led the creation and institutionalized Amazon Business Data Outcomes (Jobs-to-be-done) with Principal Product leaders to enable product innovation. I simplify the jargon-intensive data world and create timeliness language, form agnostic blueprint centered on the UX.

Role model for customer obsession by establishing Navigation and information Architecture to streamline UX across 200+ pages with breadcrumb/url pattern. Identified themes, created design proposals, and drove consensus for overall design strategy for a single Information architecture/ navigation experience that provides an intuitive workflow and maps to users’ mental model. Launched task-based navigation on data platform across 6 applications, increased 224% page visits.

UX Lead for the #1 most popular ad-hoc query tool at Amazon, Hubble (Workbench).

Author of design system component standards: Data pattern, Date & Time, Org Chart Profiles. Drove the hot debate for a single design system, laid the foundations for design language that includes defining a design system, color theme, and centralized documentation to enable teams build a consistent and unified experience. Accelerated the adoption of design language by supporting front end engineering demos and ensuring pages are consuming the style package.

Drove collaboration with Katal/BDT team to build core Data Grid component to unblock/enable 2 2022 S-Team and VP goals, and contribution directly to Katal. Leading design components, standards, and best practices of interfaces (ie. Color Spectrum/Token, DataGrid, dataset format patterns). Contribute DataGrid component, influenced BDT engineering to contribute and build to Seller Central.

Establish center of design excellence with creation of a chapter of Business Data UX Bar Raiser, transforming from UX debt activity to an instituted process. I conduct avg 62 design reviews across 10+ teams/yearly and act as SXBR apprentice.

Hosted, organized, and coordinated 3-Day SPX UX Summits for 3 years (since 2021) in Seattle. Lead event program and day-of-coordination for 293 attendees. (food, budget, program, materials, room bookings, IT, sound, room layout, marketing)

Exceed S-Team goal within 6w of launch by 630 bps (180K tables) with a team of 3 (PMT, SDE, UX). Registering data in a semi-automated workflow between Amazon and AWS.

Instituted 0-1 product and UX development process. Enable 7 feedback mechanisms, 9 UX research playbooks, and 29 research artifacts. Design rooted in research, conducted 62+ moderated interviews, 23+ usability, and identified area of improvement for Job management, estimated savings of $40+ million.



Solopreneur | Lead Native Apple iOS Product Designer
Jan 2014 - Apr 2021. New York City

● Recognized by Adobe as Leader in Mobile Design, an expert in Apple architecture, system capabilities, HIG, Universal Native Designs

● Lead mobile iOS design for Fortune 200 Oil & Gas in Houston, Texas ($17.27 Billion Revenue). Generated ~$17M+ capital efficiency with a suite of 17 native iOS enterprise applications C-Level leadership, financial management, and Science/Engineering. Information design for live data analytical dashboards, financial scorecards, maps and navigation, file and asset management, and geographical science applications.

• Deliver cross-platform tools, cross-teams real-time dashboards and data visualizations displaying 500 KPIs for C-level. React/iOS to create high-performing applications.

• Bar raising interface craft to meet pixel perfection quality bar. (dynamic type, scalable SF Symbols). Spearheaded and built a custom iOS design system with over 600 foundational elements and components over 7 years.

● Lead growth design for pet adoption platform and app called AllPaws, and enabled acquisition by Petsmart. Petsmart is the top 1% charity in animal welfare with $400M grant and 565k pets saved.

• iOS app gained 20K downloads in 3 months, sustaining satisfaction of 4.5 across all versions.
• 28+ screens engagement per session, avg 8 min duration
• 10 million pet profiles viewed, 500K pet profiles favorites , 250K pet profiles shared
• 500+ visits and thousands adopted from social media

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