Dear Design Community,

I started my official mentorship journey in late 2020 during COVID-19, coach through Thinkful's UI/UX Bootcamp Program. I met with students on weekly basis to deep dive into UI/UX Design framework, process, and feedback. Coming up as a designer in this field for the last 15 years, having to navigate my own career without mentorship was a struggle. This leads me to reflect if I could be that person for someone else, how can I give back? I find incredible purpose in providing help to the next generation of designers, whether you are just starting out or a veteran. As of March 2021, I extend my contribution to support the community in free mentorship.

My principle for being a good designer is radical candor. This means I will challenge directly and care personally at the same time. It's my belief this method will empower you to do the best work of your life and build trusting relationships. When people express their authentic selves and voice their struggles and frustrations truthfully, it allows me to emphasize better for you and provide more valuable next steps. 

Topic Ideas:

🌱 Coffee Chat Guidance for switching careers into UI/UX
🔍 Talk about Design Thinking Frameworks & Processes
🚦 Creating & reviewing roadmaps on Career Advancement
💼 Troubleshooting Job Search, Whiteboarding & Design Exercises

💼  Facebook or Amazon Interview Tips and possible referral
🚀 Self Employment / Freelance Contract work questions
🥵 Managing expectations and surviving tech burnout
🎨 Quick Visual UI Design Critiques

Pro bono sessions are 45 min.

2021 Key results




minutes mentored

mentees landed jobs

negotiated 20% above their offer 🤑


⏰ 1, 30 Minute Mentorship Session
Due to heavy demand on my time, if ADP is not showing any available it's because it's booked out. If you have a dire need, reach out to me via email/social media. From this session, we will walk away with a list of actionable steps for you to move forward. 

😊 Pro Bono
I am offering 15+ years of experience at no cost to you. If you are happy with our talk, buy me a coffee or 10 coffees, from the button on this page. or leave me a review on ADPList or Linkedin.

✍🏻 Self Serve Help
Read my Notion filled with light resources and will speeds up some of the commonly asked questions.

🔮 Clear topics and goals
Before the session, please email and submit your topic and questions in advance. This way, we are both efficient and maximize our meeting, and you will know when the sessions are "done" and satisfied.

💭 Bring ideas and work in progress
If you are interested in UI/Portfolio reviews, please outline what type of feedback you are looking for. 45 min is not enough to go in depth, but focus on one project.

🙏🏻 I need more help...
I am passionate about pro bono mentorship and want to help everyone I meet. If you like more personal attention at a deeper, regular cadence, I offer paid sessions. I will prioritize and create a regular event with you. Watching you run through a Whiteboarding session live would be something more in depth for a paid session.

Recent Reviews

"Hey Cat! I hope you’re doing so well :) I just wanted to let you know: I got the offer from Amazon!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help, truly." 

Cat was an AMAZING mentor throughout my interview loops. She was extremely helpful and insightful about the end to end process, and what I appreciated most was how candid, open and honest she was with the tips and tricks she took me through. I asked for Cat's help specifically with the whiteboard challenge, and her patient and structured style was instrumental in helping me understand how to properly tackle a WBC prompt in the future. Moreover, Cat dedicated a huge amount of time above and beyond what we'd even scheduled together, showing that she really cared about how well I did in my interview. Lastly, I want to thank Cat for all her help - I ended up getting the job and am so super grateful!
Mina - UX Design Amazon. Sept 21, 2021

Landing a job, and salary negotiation strategy. MSK as Product Designer. Melissa Nguyen - Product Designer Sept 16, 21

"Over the past 10 months, you not only celebrated my wins, but you also turned every mistake into a learning opportunity. Your patience let me learn things the right way and words can't express my gratitude for everything that you've done. I couldn't ask for a better mentor! 🙏🏼" Tony Hartonias

"Cat goes above and beyond. She reached out to me weeks before our scheduled meeting and offered her mentorship ahead of time. She cares about her mentees and wants them to succeed! I strongly recommend booking a session with Cat." 
Joelle. Sr Product Designer at Intuit - June 22, 21

"Cat is an amazing mentor - a great listener, clear, insightful and actionable advice, and most of all, even with all of her years in the industry and success, she is so down to earth and easy to speak with!" Kristen Oshiro - Microsoft - June 21, 21

Resources: Adobe XD Videos

I create video content for Adobe Live in Mobile Apps using Adobe XD. With every session, all my assets and UI files are distributed for free on my Behance page.