Designing for enterprise requires a different set of principles and frameworks to align teams and to solve user problems. While design aims to improve customer experiences, we have to meet the demands of a modern enterprise, delivering value, and satisfying business goals.

Working with big data in cross-platform technologies, I am the design lead on over seventeen mobile applications for Fortune 200 Oil and Gas in Houston, Texas.

Investing strategically in digital software requires workflow reinvention, and a pipeline of data collection allows them to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Design is to influence and cultivate an environment of standards proven to improve returns. 

With annual revenue of $17 billion, design and development have brought in an average ROI of 1 million per year. In our mobile applications, we improve efficiency and cost-saving workflow features with live data. Conservatively, the portfolio of applications is bringing in 17 million in ROI. 

For the past five years, I'm in a micro team of designers. With the limited design resources, developing foundational components to achieve design scaling is critical to driving success.

Designer to Dev Ratio:
mobile design: 3:35 
desktop/web design: 9:70

My role is to empower the client with innovation, best practices, advocating for users, and help achieve universal agility and increase performance. Scaling an enterprise by redefining the target principles and workflow processes. 

All works under NDA. Please contact me for info.