From 2015-2021, I lead and scaled design to generated est. $17M+ capital efficiency with a suite of 17 native Apple iOS tools for Fortune 200 Energy in Houston, Texas

My role as the lead Native iOS designer bridged the innovation gap with instituting pattern standards, and earning technology leader's trust to achieve design at scale. EOG and Martiancraft are technology-lead org structure, require rapid experimentation and iterations to validate how to treat user problems. 

In the 6 years, with 3 Apple iOS designers, we developed enterprise-level design system, tooling, and workflow processes to scale to engineering. Ratio of design vs engineering: iOS 3:35, web/react 9:70.

Our tools served three cohorts: C-level, Management, and Engineering Scientists.

C Level Leadership

  • Operational Dashboards / Data Visualization
  • Sustainability CO2 Energy Dashboard
  • Financial Forecasting vs. Actual Tools

People, Business, Science Management

  • People Management : Payroll & HR
  • Return to office, COVID Contact Tracing
  • File, and Drive Exchange Management
  • Driving Navigation & Hazard Reporting
  • Billing & Contract Invoice System
  • Notification, Chat,  Alarms Framework

Engineering & Science

  • Live data map, land exploration and analysis
  • Chemical, Completion and Equipment
  • Safety Reporting Framework
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NDA: I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this portfolio.  Case studies password under request only.

C Leadership dashboard surfacing data across 5K+ wells with KPI, energy performance insight, demand management, and all-in-one reporting mechanism for Wall St. Surface critical and high value KPI metrics for strategy and analysis. Mobile impact is 900% utilization over desktop, multi-million ROI.


Co-built foundational frameworks and tools for seamless design to development, ensuring high standards of consistency in visual language and patterns cross-platforms for 7 years. 600+ components and patterns, design standards, themed light/dark modes, dynamic scaled typography and iconography.

  • Evolution yearly from iOS 8 to iOS 14 Components
  • Data visualization
  • Data color sequencing & theme
  • Dynamic custom SF Symbol Icons
  • Content strategy: KPI cards, lists, and widgets
  • Tooling for Cross-Platform token
  • Over 600 Components in Library for Templates

50 financial analysts needed to align 5,000+ forecast plans to actuals by reducing variances but it's very manual and tedious. We reimaged a new interactive, mobile-first visualization interaction which increased 3x engagement and 1.5x completion rate and 2.4x speed.


Comprehensive real-time financial tool that compares across dynamic spectrum streams for commodities management, trend forecasting, and capital planning and analysis. This monitoring tool provides over 500 KPIs to track various metrics, with an annual ROI $1.1m, increased usage by 5.2x.

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