Product launching tomorrow,
but everything's a dumpster fire

During client work, it's inevitable that friction happens when passion gets involved. For Christmas of 2019, I've collected some of my most memorable phrases while working with my peers and found a vendor to engrave them onto a D12 dice. 

Never give up the chance to poke fun.

Whenever you feel like you are out of excuses, bullshit, or complaints, toss them to see what you get. 

Client Feedback

  • Am I a doormat
  • Any more complaints
  • Make it smaller
  • How long is it going to take
  • Make it like a game
  • Too much white space
  • Bang for Buck Win
  • It sells itself
  • Who did this
  • I’ll know when I see it
  • Everyone’s a designer
  • It’s EASY


  • It’s a temporary fix
  • Are you on Wifi?
  • It shouldn’t take long
  • It should just work
  • Can’t reproduce
  • It’s not a bug, it’s a feature
  • It works on my machine
  • I already fixed that
  • Did you restart?
  • That’s a 1 Liner
  • Sounds like a nice hack
  • Everything’s *possible*


I searched the internet for a vendor that can engrave the text onto a dice. Due to the small quantity, the color options were only white. The engraved text's quality was the most important aspect of this project, so that it won't rub off after long uses.

The logo lock-up of "Pocket Designer & Developer" was made in Illustrator, then I submitted that to a Stamp company to produce a large-format stamp.

I wanted the logo to be printed on matte linen boxes but did not want to go with a sticker label route because I wanted it to look professional and handmade. I manually stamped embossing liquids and poured embossing powder. With a heating gun, I was able to create a raised gold-lettered look.

Before deciding on how to approach the box design, I made mockups inside Adobe Dimension and played with options.