Six Tips to Networking

March 12, 2016
1 min read

Networking is an essential skill for building great relationships and takes effort and practice.

  1. Go to networking events alone.
    If you go with a friend or someone you know, you will end up talking to your friend the whole time. It’s also harder for people to approach you if you are ‘buddied’ up with other people.

  2. Say your name.
    Don’t be afraid to be ‘rude’ when you break into an existing group. Say your name first, then verbally ask for everyone’s names. When people share their name, repeat it out loud to build a connection with them and helps you solidify it in your memory.

  3. Introduce yourself Differently.
    Think of ways to introduce yourself differently. How would you describe yourself in a short 2 phrases?

  4. Ask open-ended questions.
    Does it allow someone to continue the conversation with a response or continue with the topic?

  5. Learn How to Exit a Convo.
    Find ways to end a bad conversation without making someone feel uncomfortable. ie. “Let me go refill this drink.” or “Let me go check on Jane.”

  6. Follow up with people after the event.
    Never expect anything when you go to networking events, but also make the effort to follow up with people with conversations or add them to your social network.


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