What clients say vs. what they mean

March 14, 2016
2 min read

Client: “Make it pop”
AKA: “Something about this page does not feel exciting. How can we make this more dynamic?”
What it means: It’s kinda boring. Are there other graphics we can explore or different design treatments to the typography or layout that can make the page look less contained? What about the colors, are they high contrast or muted?

Client: “Make the logo bigger”
AKA: “Do you think this design allows my customers to see my brand vision?”
What it means: I don’t see my brand vision, typography, color, or elemental hierarchy that puts my product to the forefront. Should my product or service be designed in a more minimal way, so that the elements can be more focused?

Client: “Can you make it look like Facebook and Twitter had a baby and this is what I want the social feed to look like?”
AKA: “I really like the way Facebook and Twitter handles their design for their feed, I’m not sure how I can describe what I am looking for. Can you help”
What it means: The client is crazy. Start asking questions on their internal process of what elements of Facebook or Twitter they are referring to. Is it the idea that there’s a live “stream of activities” that encourages a sense of community? Does this idea make sense?

The best client and designer relationship is when both parties trust each other and understand their roles. Clear communication and education on how each other's preferred method of working will guarantee a successful relationship.


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