Joining a Startup Checklist

March 7, 2016
1 min read

20 Qs to consider when joining a start up

  1. Do you believe in the product?

  2. Do you see potential?

  3. Will this product or service succeed?

  4. Are you inspired by the people?

  5. Do you like your future peers & boss?

  6. Who will you be working with?

  7. Do they have a good track record?

  8. Did you research on the background of the startup, the founders, where they received seed money?

  9. What is the competitive landscape like?

  10. Are you going to work 60 hrs per week?

  11. How’s the work-life-balance?

  12. Are you willing to work really hard?

  13. How will taking this job affect your own future?

  14. Is it in the direction you want to go towards?

  15. Will you gain invaluable experience if it fails?

  16. Will you learn to wear different hats and take on different roles and responsibilities that may be above and beyond?

  17. What is the business plan, how will it make money?

  18. What’s the company’s business goals in the next year, 5 years?

  19. How will it expand?

Career Tip: Weigh the pros and cons of each path and see how much risk/reward ratio you are willing to take on before you take the deep dive.


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