Cat Lo is a Sr. UX designer based in Brooklyn, NYC. Currently working at Amazon doing research, design, and strategy for the Internal Data Platform. Read more

CORE PROJECTS NDA: I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this portfolio.  Case studies under request only.


2021 - Current

Amazon Data — Instituted grounds-up product development process for internal data tools

Leading vision and building UX foundational mechanisms to raise the bar on engineering-focused internal tools and solve highly complex processes for users. I work in an intersection of data engineering, science, product, and UX.

2015 - 2021

Information Design — Suite of 17 iOS Enterprise data applications for Fortune 200.

Design lead for Fortune 200 Oil & Gas Client in Houston, Texas. Over six years translating insights into a suite of seventeen products for three core users: C-Level Leadership, Engineering/Finance Management, and Engineers.


2015 - 2021

Built Design System & Tooling — 600+ components, pattern standards, light/dark modes, crafted icons, dynamic typography

Co-built foundational frameworks and tools for seamless design to development ensuring high standards of consistency in visual language and patterns cross-platforms for 7 years.

  • iOS 8 to iOS 14 Components
  • Data visualization color Sequencing & theme
  • Scalable SF Symbol Custom Icons (600)
  • Dashboard Cards & Widgets
  • Tooling for Cross-Platform Color Usage
  • Over 600 Components in Library for Templates


Emojis during Quarantine — Suite of 54 emojis inspired by my experience during the 2020 pandemic, used by 1.4 billion people.



Design & Develop Pocket Dice — Limited edition Toy

Is your project heading south🔥? Roll dice for the next steps.

Design Workshops & Experiments

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AdobeXD Live: Create digitally immersive experiences on iPad
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Pocket Designer & Developer 2020
Pocket Designer & Developer 2020
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