Hi I’m Cat. I'm a Sr UX Designer with 20+ years of experience, based in New York City. I design strategic vision, scale design in the field of futurist technology.


CORE PROJECTS NDA: I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this portfolio.  Case studies under request only.

2021 - TODAY

Amazon data platform and applications Enabled 2,123 internal teams to broker and exchange from 2.38+ exabyte of Amazon's data-driven business.

Design leadership established human-centered design principles, strategies and processes from 0-1 for a 300+ tech-lead Amazon org. I institutionalized the Business Data Experience Outcomes (Jobs-to-be-done) strategy, enabling 2,123 builder teams to create data-informed product innovation. I simplify the jargon-intensive world of data to create a timeless, form agnostic blueprint centered on the human experience. 

2015 - 2021 

Generated est. $17M+ capital efficiency with a suite of 17 native iOS applications for Fortune 200 Enterprise — Lead designer of business enterprise information design

I was lead designer for Fortune 200 Oil & Gas in Houston, Texas. Translate user's pain point into a suite of 17 applications for 1) C-Level Leadership, 2) Finance Management, and 3) Science Engineering. Information designs for live data analytical dashboards, financial scorecards, contact integration, maps and navigation, file and asset facilitation, and geographical science applications.

2015 - 2021

High standards for visual craft, native iOS expert, built 600+ components in enterprise visual language, design systems, and iOS to React tools for 7 years — I'm still alive 🫣, I am Adobe partner for mobile application design

Co-built foundational frameworks and tools for seamless design to development, ensuring high standards of consistency in visual language and patterns cross-platforms for 7 years. 600+ components and patterns, design standards, themed light/dark modes, dynamic scaled typography and iconography

  • Evolution yearly from iOS 8 to iOS 14 Components
  • Data visualization
  • Data color sequencing & theme
  • Dynamic custom SF Symbol Icons
  • Content strategy: KPI cards, lists, and widgets
  • Tooling for Cross-Platform token
  • Over 600 Components in Library for Templates

1.7 billion people engaged with my illustrations — Even my cat couldn't escape my scaling power.

Suite of 54 emojis inspired by my experience during the 2020 pandemic


Consult the dice — what should you do next?

Limited edition toy design. Is your project heading south? Ask the dice! 🎲


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