Hi, I’m Cat. I'm an Amazon Sr User Experience designer & researcher living in New York City.

Over two decades of experience working in digital products, casting broad vision to deliver design at scale.

2021 - 2024

Establish a grounds-up product and UX leadership at Amazon Enabling 2,123 internal teams to broker and exchange from 2.38+ exabyte of Amazon's data lake, Andes.

Lead design in evangelizing customer-obsessed design principles, strategies, and processes from 0-1 for a 300+ engineering-lead org. I institutionalized the Business Data Experience Outcomes strategy (Jobs-to-be-done), enabling 2,123 builder teams to create data-informed product innovation. I simplify the jargon-intensive world of data to create a timeless, form agnostic blueprint centered on the human experience. 

2015 - 2021

Scaled design to generated est. $17M+ capital efficiency with a suite of 17 native iOS applications for Fortune 200

Lead Native iOS designer of business enterprise information design. Delivered suite of 17 applications for C-Level leadership, finance management, and science/engineering user groups. Information designs for live data analytical dashboards, financial scorecards, contact integration, maps and navigation, file and asset facilitation, and geographical science applications.

2015 - 2021

High standards for craft, native Mobile iOS expert, built 600+ components in enterprise visual language, design systems, and iOS to React tools for 7 years — I am Adobe partner for mobile application design

Co-built foundational frameworks and tools for seamless design to development, ensuring high standards of consistency in visual language and patterns cross-platforms for 7 years. 600+ components and patterns, design standards, themed light/dark modes, dynamic scaled typography and iconography

  • Evolution yearly from iOS 8 to iOS 14 Components
  • Data visualization
  • Data color sequencing & theme
  • Dynamic custom SF Symbol Icons
  • Content strategy: KPI cards, lists, and widgets
  • Tooling for Cross-Platform token
  • Over 600 Components in Library for Templates

1.8 billion engagement with my illustrations — Even my cat couldn't escape my scaling power.

Suite of 54 emojis inspired by my experience during the 2020 pandemic


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