Kartell Bourgie Lamp

April 13, 2014
1 min read

Kartell Bourgie have been on my mind for the last six years. Ever since I saw a photo of this lamp, I knew I wanted it. The price point for this acrylic lamp is sort of steep, so I never had the courage to buy it. This weekend in NYC was the perfect awakening. I had just recently purchased a new iMac and I wanted to do a bit of decluttering to start my workspace right.

I wanted to keep it very clean and minimal. You can’t see in this photo, but I’ve brushed all my small nit-nacks onto the table behind me. The lamp is really a statement piece. It comes in a variety of styles, matte white/black, or shiny metallics. I wanted wanted this in clear, so it can look nice and simple. 

My NYC apartment is quite small, and having more glass surfaces can make the room feel a lot bigger. I’m extremely satisfied with this lamp, and happy that I finally got it. 🙂


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