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Christmas in Milan

Milan Part Deux. Returned back to Milan in the brisk January month, this time with Supria coming along for the ride. Did a little bit of shopping, eating, and just enjoying each other's company.

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The City of Light

The moment I arrived in Paris, I knew there was something special and magical about this city. The charming, quaint little cafes dotted along the streets were filled with quiet murmur. I stayed at a local apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower out my windows at night, and was graced with the sparkling lights every eve. The sparkling eiffel tower really made Paris really magical. Everyone stop and stares into the golden glow, and lovers exchange kisses. There's nothing like this city, the romance, the beautiful color terraces, and the incredible pastries. 

The best meal I've ever had during this Europe Trip was the Duck Confit at Au Petit Sud Ouest, the duck and the potatoes were divine. The best macaron and cakes were from Pierre Herme, and my favorite scenic viewpoint was from the top of the Arc de Triumphe.

See more photos of Paris, check out my flickr

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The Art of the Email

How to get a better response. 

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Bucket List

Things I wish for before i croak .

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Thanksgiving in Milan

Milan during Christmas time was really festive, streets filled with lights, roasted chestnuts in the air, and bustling street venders. There are a ton of clothing stores and shoes all over town. I had the pleasure of being the babysitter for Little Vinh and learned a lot on how to be a mother.. hahahah. 😉

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Murano, Burano

The Glass Paradise

Murano and Burano are the smaller islands off Venice. We took a boat to these two islands to visit the famous colored houses and glass workshops. My bf bought a nice blue glass vase from Murano and I got a purple floral tray as souvenirs. It was a nice day visit to the islands, very small and walkable throughout the town. Burano is more known for their handmade lace.

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The Floating City

Venice was really one of a kind.. the entire city floating on water and taking boats to cross the canals. Venice looked the most beautiful from the reflections of the flickering golden lights. There's also something very eerie and mysterious about the small side streets at night. Venice had amazing seafood selections, and all kinds of different types of shrimp and fish.

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Cradle of the Renaissance

Florence was a quick pit stop off the route to Venice, so we decided to stop and take a quick 2-day fast paced tour. When we arrived, we took a drive through Tuscany in our classic Fiat. The Tuscan hills were quiet and dotted with olive trees throughout the drive. We were also able to see the classic David in the Accademia, along with a huge amount of Italian sculptures that I learned about in art school. Later that night, we were able to feast on the famous Florentine Steak, which we shared with a lone traveler from Korea. 

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The Eternal City

I was really excited to have Rome as our first stop in Italy. Rome has so much history in it's city walls. The Colosseum, Pantheon, Italian Renaissance Churches were surreal. I've always had a particular interest in ancient greek classics and mythology, so this was a great first look into Italy. Our first big one day trip was to the Vatican, and I felt so mind blown by the art and architecture of the buildings. I left the Vatican with my jaws dropped, there is just nothing like it. One of the best dishes I ever ate, was the plate of Porcini mushrooms just cooked perfectly with olive oil. I was also able to meet up with my friend Julie who was just passing by during her EuroTrip.